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About us

We are a student organisation whose primary focus are CTF (capture the flag) cyber security competitions. In addition to competing we annually organise our own competition DCTF. We are also more and more involved with industry. Our main goal is to introduce young people to the field of cyber security and emphasize its importance in today's digital world. Members are welcome to join us at our meetings where we hold informal but informative lectures.


Cybersecurity primarily deals with protecting computer systems and applications. The idea is to monitor systems in real time to be able to detect, classify and prevent incoming cyber attacks. But sometimes, even when taking every precaution possible, the worst can happen and we have to know how to react in that scenarios as well. In cases when we detect an attack only after it has already penetrated our defenses our job is to retrace the steps taken by hackers in order to better understand the nature and intent of the attack. With that knowledge we can improve our defenses to increase our chances of preventing future incidents.

Računalniška varnost
Tekmovanje Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

CTFs (capture the flag) are special kind of competitions where hackers solve problems provided by organizers with the goal of improving their skills when it comes to attacking and defending live computer systems. Since organizers are mostly people wih a lot of experience dealing with real world cyber security threats they have a lot to offer to the novice hackers when it comes to cybersecurity. CTFs are educational in nature while providing a safe environment for hackers to learn, and share skills without fear of prosecution.

A quick challenge

We hid a flag somewhere on this webpage. Your task is to find it and enter it in the bottom field. If you never solved CTFs before, this task may be interesting and even educational. The veterans probably found the solution before finishing reading these instructions. In both cases, we would love to hear from you at, because we have many more easy (and quite a bit harder) challenges in store.

Enter the flag:

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