Aleksander Mundjar (NOx)
Interested in anything to do with binary exploitation, currently looking into different techniques of Linux kernel and browser exploitation. In my spare time, I study CS at FRI.
Urban Novak (Bannek)
Second-year CS student at FRI interested in cryptography.
Anže Jenšterle (CraftByte)
Primarily working with web application security, from time to time I like to dabble in embedded systems and RFID security.
Luka Dragar (ThePr0gramm3r)
First-year CS student at FRI interested in software security, pwn, and reverse engineering. Also an Android developer, mechatronic, and a U23 Cyclist.
Currently breaking things as an application security engineer. Interested in OSdev, pentesting, and security research.
Tadej Vengust (AlwaysGuilty)
Hey, my interests mostly lie in reverse engineering and pwn. I consider OSINT to be a very interesting field of study as well.
Miha Mitič
A third-year CS student at FRI. I like to find new, interesting and fun ways one can create a CTF challenge. I am mainly interested in reversing Java and JavaScript projects.
Andrej Gorjan (jerdnA)
Hardware and number theory, the stuff in between doesn't matter.