Members of DragonSec SI team

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Aleksander Mundjar

Interested in anything to do with binary exploitation, currently looking into different techniques of Linux kernel and browser exploitation. In my spare time, I study CS at FRI.

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Urban Novak

Third year CS student at FRI, interested in OSINT, networking, and cryptography. Also likes to break things.

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Anže Jenšterle

Primarily working with web application security, from time to time I like to dabble in embedded systems and RFID security.

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Andraž Strgar

When we run out of crypto, I go for low level stuff and hope the CTF ends before I reach web.

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Luka Dragar

A CS student at FRI who is interested in security software, pwn in reverse engineering. Also Android developer, mechatronics and U23 cyclist.

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I enjoy system administration and cyber security and privacy. I happily spend many hours on fun and weird ideas, even though they are usually useless. (copyright Google Translate)

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Computer science and maths student on FRI, that engages in web security, cyber attack analysis and forensics. In his free time, he works with machine learning and data analysis.

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Andraž Juvan

Masters student and researcher at FRI, and DevOps engineer for work. In DragonSec I mostly work on PWN and infrastructure setup for CTF events.

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Currently working as an application security engineer. Interested in operating system development, penetration testing and security research.

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Tadej Vengust

I am an undergrad CS student at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am interested in binary exploitation and OSINT.

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Nejc Velikonja

I'm a masters student at FRI. I'm interested mostly in digital forensics and reverse engineering.

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Lucija Koprivc

Student of Computer Science and Mathematics, working as a developer in my free time. I'm solving cryptography and misc challenges.

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Andrej U.

I am a student at Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FRI) in Ljubljana and work part time as an intern in SOC as a cyber security analyst and hold an OSCP certificate. My primary focus is on red teaming, specifically AV/EDR evasion techniques and the use of different C2 frameworks. I also dabble in reverse engineering, malware analysis and Windows exploitation.

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Miha Mitič


I am a graduate at FRI. I like to discover new, interesting and fun CTF challenges.

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Aleksander Gomilšek

Student at Faculty of Computer and Information Science. Currently interested in reverse engineering, pwn, physical penetration and game hacking. I like changing bytes in memory something fun happens.

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Mark Juvan

My cybersec journey started in web application security and stegonography CTFs. Currently studying a masters programme with emphasis on cryptography and side channel analysis.

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Jasmina Pegan

I like to tackle all types of CTF challenges, especially crypto and forensics. Currently I am being initiated into DevOps waters (not frontend). Natural language processing is also a subject that intrigues me.

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Andrej Gorjan

Don't trust hardware.

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Fan of hardware and exotic CTF challenges. NOx's personal driver.

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I study at FRI and I am interested in networks, security and OSINT.

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FRI student, the linux guy.

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Jure Pustoslemšek

Masters student of Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as a researcher on FRI. I'm mostly interested in discrete mathematics, computational mathematics and cryptography.